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Ham365 is the technological and graphical advancement of Ham365 and share the same database then the operations made on produce effects on Ham365 and vice versa.

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M1EBU OY1DZ 12:24FT4 
UN5G ON6KZ 12:24CW 
UN5G DL5FU 12:24CW 
UN0LK JA7UKM 12:24FT8 
RV3LE YV5BRB 12:24FT8 
CU2AP RD3TOK 12:23FT8 
SQ9GOL G3PXT 12:23FT4 
2E0YKG RW6AB 12:23FT8 
Top users (last week)
3D2TS Sum distance12,513,149
EA1FIQ Max distance19,998
IK4LZH Number of countries96
R2AAR Best QSL card5
WA9THI Numbers of QSO1,999
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California QSO Party until 21:59
Oceanian DX CW from 8 Oct 00:00
Scandinavian Activity - SSB from 8 Oct 12:00
EU Sprint Autumn CW from 8 Oct 16:00

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  • On Air users: 400
  • Registered users: 66,298
  • Unique visitors: 56,176,752
  • QSO stored: 286,073,260
  • DB size: 121713.56 MB
  • QSO/H: 2174
  • Queue size: 0

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